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Be Prepared with Fox 40!

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Be prepared for any emergency with Fox 40!

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 Topical Skin refrigerant to be used like ice to reduce minor pain and swelling from sprains, bruising and contusions

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BULK BUY SAVINGS: $16.00 1 Bulk Buy = 12 INSTANT ICE PACK FOR $20.00 (Reg. retail for 12 Instant Ice Packs $36.00 - Reg. 1 Instant Ice Pack $3.00)
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If there's one pre- and post-activity tool you need in your bag, it's the SKLZ AccuRoller. Designed with adjustable massage balls that reconfigure to hit trigger points from head to toe.
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The SKLZ AccuBall features a dual-density, multi-configuration design for massage and knot release. Roll against your body weight for deep massage or use in-hand for targeting specific trigger points.

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Easy to use instant cold pack.
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